With this magnificent tour we circumnavigate the NORTH EAST side of Sardinia to take a look at its crystal clear waters and light green beaches.


In this tour, we will go to visit on board one of our boats the typical attractions of the place and the most famous bays such as:

1) Porto Cervo, the undisputed capital of the Costa Smeralda during which in the summer it becomes an extraordinary and sparkling parade of yachts, yachts and celebrities, in fact it will not be difficult to find yourself shopping with movie and television stars in the square.

2) Grande Pevero, where the shape of the beach recalls that of a crescent. The soft white sand, the extremely crystalline sea and the dense vegetation around make the Grande Pevero one of the most exclusive destinations in the entire area.

3) Cala Liccia, the ideal place for those who want a little privacy and experience the beauty of the sea in a wild and uncontaminated environment. The colors of the water, as throughout the Costa Smeralda, are postcard-worthy. All around reign the Mediterranean scrub and the reddish color of the granite rocks typical of Gallura.

4) Beach of Romazzino and Prince, are beaches characterized by white sand slightly veined with pink shades where the presence of the granite rock on the beach is accentuated. All around, an enchanting panorama of Mediterranean scrub that extends almost to the edge of the sea, gives us some particularly delightful corners for those in search of peace and relaxation.

5) Mortorio Island Steep and rocky, thanks to the arrangement of its two coves (the eastern and the western), it will allow us to swim in always calm waters, with any wind.

6) Liscia Ruja and Rena Bianca where you can enter and drop anchor at the bay to shelter in the event of a mistral wind and swim in complete relaxation.


On board you can enjoy the day as you wish.

Snorkeling kits and more will be available to facilitate your baths.

The Skipper will get as close as possible to the best beaches to make it easier for you to reach them and let you lie down on the most crystalline bays of Corsica.


For lunch you can have a packed lunch at your own discretion so as not to waste time and make the most of the whole day, or you can take a short break from the sea and enjoy the typical specialties of Sardinia.

The skipper will be happy to show you and accompany you to one of the best restaurants in the area according to your needs to make you enjoy a unique culinary experience or simply have a quick lunch.

Variable tour based on weather and marine weather conditions.

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