With this magnificent tour we will go to circumnavigate all the most famous archipelago in Italy, the Archipelago Della Maddalena.


With the LA MADDALENA itinerary, we will go to discover its most beautiful and famous beaches, but also the most evocative and reserved of the seven most beautiful islands in northern Sardinia.

In fact, we will visit:

1) The island of Caprera, discovering its most famous and wild beaches that this island can offer us.

2) The island of La Maddalena, going down to the city if you want or discovering the most crystalline corners of this island.

3) The three northernmost islands, Budelli - Razzoli - Santa Maria, the most crystalline, where you can enjoy the most beautiful natural pools in Italy and where you can visit the famous Pink Beach.

4) The Island of Spargi, with its wonderful seabed and beaches crowded with game.

5) Santo Stefano, the islet in front of Palau with perennially calm waters.


On board you can enjoy the day as you wish.

Snorkeling kits and more will be available .. to facilitate your swimming. The Skipper will get as close as possible to the best beaches to make it easier for you to reach them and let you lie down on the most crystalline bays of the Costa Smeralda


For lunch you can have a packed lunch at your own discretion so as not to waste time and make the most of the whole day, or you can take a short break from the sea and enjoy the typical specialties of Sardinia.

The skipper will be happy to show you and accompany you to one of the best restaurants in the area according to your needs to make you enjoy a unique culinary experience or simply have a quick lunch.

* Variable tour based on weather conditions and marine weather. *

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